Dog and Animal Rescue

Scott Halley and his family have spent years rescuing animals, bringing them into the fold of their ever-expanding Malibu ranch property. Whether it be dogs, cats, or goats, they continue to open their home and hearts to animals in need.

Most recently, the family rescued a black lab/German shepard mix named Elwood, who had been placed in a high-kill shelter and thought a hopeless cause because of his wild and aggressive behavior. Seeing something special in this goofy and playful dog, Scott and his family saved Elwood with the help of Labs and Buddies Rescue.

Now, Elwood is the embodiment of what a loving home, a stable environment, and a little bit of training can accomplish. No dog is beyond rehabilitation, and Scott Halley and Associates wants to advocate for all the businesses, volunteers, and adoptive families that fight to give these incredible animals a home – not to mention, a second chance at life.

Click here or on the picture below to watch a video showing just how well Elwood the Dog is doing today, and be sure to visit the links provided below to give your support to these wonderful organizations.


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