Scott Halley attended Santa Monica City College for two years before receiving his AA degree at California State University, Northridge in 1971.

Scott started his first business in 1971, operating an import/export company called “Stop and Shop” in downtown Los Angeles until 1980. During that time, Scott had the foresight to purchase 8 acres in the Malibu hills where he built his own 3,000 sq-ft home.

This process led to Scott’s interest in residential construction, and by 1984, he incorporated as a General Contractor. This was the beginning of a highly respectable career in building upscale custom homes and remodels from the west end of Los Angeles to the northern-most tip of Malibu.

Scott’s dedication to his work and clients stems from his ability to enjoy life and all that nature has to offer. Spending his down-time kite surfing and photographing everything he sees, Scott has learned to balance work and play, cultivating relationships with locals, business associates, and friends.